The Innovation Center’s Team of Specialists provides actionable and solution-driven insight that takes growth focused businesses to the next level. This begins with developing a core strategy that is supported by market research, new media and SEO marketing, and geographic information systems.

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Core Strategy

Core Strategy directs the entire efforts of a business. We can direct a strategic analysis to determine the best framework for your core strategy.

Frameworks include:

  • -Commodity vs. niche markets
  • -Market dynamics
  • -Fitness landscape
  • -Temperament
  • -Customer connections

Market Research

Competitive market intelligence is essential for ongoing growth. We offer a large array of custom research that can be tailored to the needs of each individual business.

 Potential Report Topics Include:

  • -Industry trend research
  • -Market statistics
  • -Demographic Statistics and Comparisons
  • -Life style segmentation reports
  • -Consumer spending reports

New Media and SEO

Social media has transformed how businesses communicate directly with their customers and how customers communicate with one another about products. In turn, customers increasingly leverage search engines to discover products and solutions.

Specific services include:

  • -Web Presence Development Analysis
  • -Social Media Assessment
  • -Website Search Engine Optimization Report
  • -Keyword and Competition Analysis

GIS – Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems can be invaluable to a company’s success by mapping marketing intelligence for analysis.

GIS Services can include:

  • -Demographic and Income Profiles
  • -Lifestyle Reports
  • -Market Profiles
  • -Consumer Retail Goods and Services Expenditures
  • -Market Comparisons
  • -Market and Sales Territory Analysis