Student Enterprise

Student Enterprise Program

This new hybrid program allows current RSU students the ability to work in a collaborative space with current entrepreneurs in the business incubator. Students will be exposed to business curriculum, practical experience, and potential mentoring from the business incubators and the RSU Innovation Center team of specialists.


  • - Encourage students from multiple disciplines to explore entrepreneurship as a viable career opportunity
  • - Provide students with an innovative learning environment that encourages critical thinking, team work, and creativity
  • - Provide an experiential approach to new venture creation and business development

Program Overview

The Student Enterprise program is intended as a two semester consecutive course. During the first semester students will learn basic entrepreneurial skills such as opportunity recognition, market research and the business plan skills necessary to launch a new business.

When the second semester starts, students will have selected a feasible business model and started preparing the business plan. Upon completion of the business plan, students will present the plan to a committee consisting of members from the Innovation Center Advisory Board and faculty from the School of Business & Technology. Upon approval of the plan, students will receive space and potentially funds to start the business.

In cases where the business is not fully operational by the end of the second semester the project may be carried out for a third semester.

If university funding is involved, all profits made during the program cycle (if any) would be returned to the university. At the end of the program cycle students will have the opportunity to purchase the business through a bidding process. Rogers State University will own all rights to the business until the bidding process is complete.

If university funding is not involved, the business entity will be student owned and the exit strategy can be implemented as outlined in the business plan.


Who is eligible to enroll?

Students from all academic majors in their sophomore, junior, or senior year may enroll in this special programs course with approval from their academic advisor. The first course requires students to complete a set of leveling curriculum, since the program is open to both business and non-business majors. Students can test out of leveling curriculum if they so choose.

How many credit hours can I receive?

Students can receive 3-12 hours of academic credit. Up to 9 hours of academic credit would be available through courses and the remaining 3 hours could come from the student’s entrepreneurship internship requirements.

Does the class meet on specific days and times?

There will be a set class schedule however, due to the nature of this special course students may be required to meet outside of scheduled class times. Students should expect to dedicate approximately 10 hours/week to the course.

What curriculum will be used in the course?

Since this course is designed to provide students with a hands-on learning approach to entrepreneurship and new venture creation there will be no official textbook for the course however there will be required readings covering topics and issues related to small business development. The purchase of an online curriculum program, valued at roughly $100 may be required.


Contact Information

David LeCount, Director, Innovation Center

Cyndi Moore